Key Stage 3 and 4 School Enterprise Projects
Enterprising learning for 11 - 16 year olds requires the children to think about enterprise and entreprenuership as a career possibility for the future.

We provide and interactive workshop experience where the children learn about business in a classroom environment followed by setting up team based mini enterprises that they create themselves with guidance from us. The classroom workshop includes the information below and of course we can also tailor a workshop to your particular needs.

INTRODUCTION TO ENTERPRISE AND RUNNING A BUSINESS the formation of a business idea, business structures and legal requirements, creating a business name and practical information on business registration.

OPERATIONAL STRUCTURE looking at products/service features, diversification, geography, distribution and maximising business potential, capacity and human resources.

MARKET RESEARCH The importance of market research with emphasis on the differences between primary and secondary research, assessing competition and analysing target markets.

MARKETING Creating a marketing strategy and different promotional strategies that can be used to attract new and maintain existing customers.

FINANCE Concentrating on how to assess the viability of the business looking at gross profit margins, cash flow forecasting and raising finance.