Our work in the community is aimed at inspiring groups to consider enterprise as a career option or as a project to educate and inspire enterprise learning. We work with community leaders to create and deliver a programme specific to your needs.

The programmes are very interactive and fun and are tailored according to the age, level and capabilities of the group. We have worked in Children's centres, art therapy groups and groups of teenage marktet traders.

The following information provides examples of the type of programmes we deliver although this is just a snapshot of our community work - please contact us to discuss your needs.


The Trading Enterprises programme is delivered over three - five 2 hour sessions over a number of weeks. Each week focuses on a particular area of business such as production, marketing and so on. The group create products for sale, either specific to you or chooses one of our enterprise themes such as greeting cards, garden pots, soft furnishings, product up-cycling and so on. The group prepares for trading by creating their business strategy, action plan and marketing materials. The workshop is a fun and inspring way to learn about business and group members learn a host of skills such as how to promote the business via marketing tools, manage finances by keeping a record of revenue and profit, how to plan and delegate tasks, how to negotiate with suppliers to receive discounts and the concept of customer care and service. Products are then sold within the community and profits donated back to the group.


Similar to the trading enterprises workshop in its timescale and delivery period, the creating enterprises workshop covers the same content but the enterprises do not trade and no products are made. Each business area is covered and we encourage the group to do practical tasks while learning so for instance, the group will make a card and be required to calculate the gross profit margin based on materials and labour time.


The Simulation project is run over one day and can involve a larger group. The group are separated into teams and each is responsible for one aspect of the simulated enterprise; Production, Marketing, Finance, Selling and Customers. The group are given a business idea and the tools to allow them to simulate a trading business throughout the day. At the end of the day, they perform a role-play and present their decisions to the other departments within the enterprise.