School Enterprise Projects
At what stage of education is it appropriate to build self esteem and confidence, to encourage young people to explore their ideas and work with others to turn a plan into reality? At what age should a child understand the nature of risk and the relationship between effort, investment and reward?

We beleive as early as possible and have created Enterprise learning workshops that are suitable from the age of 8.

The Key Stage 2 Enterprise Project concentrates on the entrepreneurship element of enterprise so students learn about producing, marketing and financing a real product or service. Throughout the process they achieve additional core skills such as making group decisions and negotiation.

The project runs over 2-3 weeks and the students work in teams and set up a real trading enterprise. The students select a business concept, create a strategy and use various tools to develop the Enterprise.

The teams create a marketing strategy, decide on production methods, if applicable, source supplies and then begin trading and sell their product or service to their peer groups and local communities.

GetSet for Business guide the chidlren in all areas of Enterprise and encourage their own entreprenuership and enterprise learning. The programme also includes a review session with the groups, writing business plans and producing financial documents.

On the final day, the businesses present feedback on their experiences with an awards ceremony for outstanding achievements with parents and teachers also invited. Each group is given a personalised report reviewing their business scenario and the winning business (based on profitability, creativity and execution of strategies) will be awarded with a prize. Students will learn about business strategies, setting budgets, calculating business viability and so on.

The Enterprise projects are also available for Key Stage 3 and 4