Online Enterprise
The Online Start-Up programme is a unique tool which can be used alongside our workshop programmes or as a stand-alone educational tool. The online programme was developed to assist young start-up businesses and provides the user with business start-up information, guidance and the tool to create their own bespoke business plan.

Each screen explains the issues to consider in that area, for instance, insurance, market research, start-up costs and so on. The user then simply inserts the specific content of their own business scenario into the page text box and the information will auto-populate the content of their bespoke business plan. The user moves on to the next screen until all pages are complete.

The online tool also contains practical documents to download, such as 'how to write an effective press release' on the PR page, 'calculating a sales forecast' and so on. Users can also asses the financial viability of starting a business and automatically produce a 12 month cashflow forecast. Once complete, the user downloads their business plan in PDF format.

The Demonstration video provides more information and visuals of the programme.